New Words for 2018 – But Not As We Know Them!

New Words for 2018 – But Not As We Know Them!

When I woke up this morning, I started thinking about the topic for my next post. We’re still just about in the New Year (how did it get to the middle of January already?!), I’m a writer and proofreader – bam! How about a post on new words for 2018?!

As I eagerly fired up my laptop, I had all sorts of ideas of some brain-teasing, titillating and ground-breaking new words I’d be able to ponder over. So I did a search in Google “New words for 2018”…

The Search

The first non-Microsoft Word related search result for a new word was ‘flashpacking’. Having worked 8 of the last 10 years in the tourist industry overseas, this word, together with ‘flashpacker’ has been in my vocabulary for a long time. How could this be a new word for 2018??

I decided to check out a few of the online dictionaries I use regularly. The Oxford English Dictionary has no entry for ‘flashpacker’ and asked if I meant ‘flashback’’. did recognise it, but their thesaurus also asked if I meant ‘flashback’. And the next one also didn’t recognise it at all. Okay, so let’s try something else.

The Urban Dictionary

This led me into the urban dictionaries, where current, everyday verbiage can be uploaded, defined and voted for by Joe Public, with listings for the top words of the day and the trending words so far this month. Not only did I nearly spit my tea out with laughter as I started to read down the list, I also lost the best part of an hour educating myself on what’s hot with the millennials.

Words Trending Now

Taking what’s happening in the world right now and turning it into everyday phrases is definitely popular. The variety of Trump-isms in the Urban Dictionary are definitely chuckleworthy: ‘Trump Bump’ – the painful knot on your forehead that develops from repeatedly banging your head against the wall out of frustration, disbelief and/or abject horror at Trump’s inability to form complete thoughts and sentences, tell the truth, treat people with respect, etc. Basically, anything he does; ‘Trump filter’ – the process of ignoring facts or logic while defending a nonsensical statement; and my favourite – ‘Trumpfident’ – feeling or showing a level of self-assurance that surpasses any level ever fathomed or even defined in the English language.

Today’s Lesson

What I’ve learnt today is that a majority of the trending urban words out there are – how do I put this delicately – definitely of the more explicit nature! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to the underbelly of the English language; what did amaze me was the inventiveness of some of the phrases! If only I could share them with you, but alas, I feel that they are best suited to your own investigation, rather than here in this post!

One thing’s for sure, the integration of technology and social media into our everyday lives has significantly changed our language. While some may lament the loss of ‘proper’ English, I’m happy to integrate it into mine, perhaps though, minus some of the more robust elements! What are your new words for 2018 going to be (keep it clean, people)?

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Author: Charlotte Mccarthy
Charlotte McCarthy has been proofreading and writing for over 20 years. Her current focus is in the Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle sectors, working with clients to improve their online content. Charlotte is a regular blogger for a wedding planning service, as well as for her own business. As a qualified ESL teacher, she also provides her clients with practical advice on English usage and the common errors to avoid.

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