Writing Wedding Blogs

Writing Wedding Blogs

In September this year, Red Pencil Edits became a regular blog contributor for Forever Lovestruck, a wedding and events planner on Koh Tao, Thailand. We were delighted to be asked, having proofread their website and previous wedding blogs, and we have now expanded our writing services as a result.

Writing effective blogs is a key skill in today’s social media driven society. Forever Lovestruck was looking for someone who could write well, who understood the message they wanted to convey to their audience and who was motivated to get on with the job in hand. We had a good understanding of their needs and were ready to take on this role, having built a good relationship with them during previous engagements.

As well as receiving direction from Forever Lovestruck on topics to be covered in the wedding blogs, we also engage in our own research to make additional suggestions, based on what we’re seeing in social media feeds. With this two-pronged approach, together we’ve developed great ideas, a healthy list of up-and-coming blogs and different approaches for wedding topics that have, inevitably, been written about extensively before.

Our blogs to date are:

  • The Dos and Don’ts of an Elopement Wedding
  • Most Adventurous Ways to Propose on a Tiny Island
  • Should you Consider an Elopement Wedding?
  • The Pros and Cons of Pre-Ceremony First Look Photography
  • Why Wouldn’t You Hire a Wedding Planner?
  • Top Tips for Being a Maid of Honour for a Destination Wedding.

Forever Lovestruck’s blog page is chocked full of them; and there’s plenty more in the pipeline!

Building a strong and productive relationship is important to both Red Pencil Edits and our clients. We understand that listening to you and anticipating your needs is a key component of that relationship. Want someone to listen to you? Then contact the team at Red Pencil Edits; we’re ready to hear you!

All our Articles are tagged to make it easy for you to discover what we’ve been up to by category. For more on who we’ve worked with and how we helped them, click here or on the ‘project’ tag below.

Author: Charlotte Mccarthy
Charlotte McCarthy has been proofreading and writing for over 20 years. Her current focus is in the Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle sectors, working with clients to improve their online content. Charlotte is a regular blogger for a wedding planning service, as well as for her own business. As a qualified ESL teacher, she also provides her clients with practical advice on English usage and the common errors to avoid.

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